headshotHi. My name is Eric.

I grew up in Minnesota and am currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a kid, I was alway curious about how everything worked and was taking things apart and brainstorming new ideas constantly. As an adult, I am pretty much the same.

I married my sweetheart, Kelly, and we have started a beautiful family together. Right now we have two girls, four and two years old. 99% of my life is in those last two sentences. The oldest is my little buddy. She likes to look for bugs with me, climb trees, and do adventurous things. I think the little one will be the same :)

Aside from family, I am very much into exercise. Running is what clears my mind the best. I have come up with several of my best programming ideas or algorithm implementations while out for a run. I also love to do gymnastics-type training on my homemade parallettes and am working toward a goal of doing planche and handstand pushups.

Lastly, I love most anythings outdoors. Camping, hiking, running, fishing, ultimate frisbee, etc. Even just laying in the grass or in my hammock on a nice day is all I need. My little girls love it outside too and my wife and I try to get them out hiking often.

I want to keep this short, so that is all I will say for now. Maybe these pictures will help paint the rest of my picture: