Jumble it, mix it, Jixxit.

Jixxit was my outlet for wanting to play around with some PHP cryptography stuff. At the time I did this, I was sill learning some basic HTML, so putting together a little front end for my tests was a fun addition.

I still think it would be fun to turn this little site into an actual, purposeful service in some way. I have many ideas for making encoded messages, links, images, code, etc. easy and maybe even fun to share. And since I love seeing Google make a monthly contribution to my checking account through Adsense, even a modest number of traffic through here could maybe buy my lunch every day.

Update: As I no longer like working in PHP, I moved this entire site to a static, single-page web app using AngularJS. I knew very little about Angular at the time and thought playing with it through one of my little projects would be a good way to get my feet wet. The cryptography is now done in browser using CryptoJS.


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