Slide Puzzle

Do you remember this game??? I sure hope you do! Go ahead and play a little.

I put this together in a Web-Software Architecture class at the Univeristy of Utah. The assignment was simply to make any game we wanted as long as it was JavaScript based. As I remembered having a little, blue, plastic 8-number slide puzzle as a kid and loving it, this is what I chose as my project.

JavaScript and algorithm creation were both pretty new to me at the time I made this. Looking at the source code now makes me smile a little as I realize how much better I could put this together now. Oh well. But despite being newer at coding I think I did a pretty good job. For instance, instead of clicking a piece right next to the empty space, click a piece several spaces away. Making that work was a triumph with my limited experience. It added nothing to my grade, but I had to do it for myself :).

I embedded all the code for the game to work on this page, but for easier finding/viewing of the source code, you can find the original here.

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